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My goal is to reduce my environmental impact, reduce waste, and create beautiful artwork. All product materials, products and partners are carefully chosen to ensure they meet high standards for trade practices, social values, and environmental impact. From ensuring all prints use recycled or agave eco-paper, to choosing low water usage print partners and compostable packaging, every aspect of my products carefully chosen. Visit my shop today and rest assured you are giving a truly thoughtful gift.


Kimberly Riani is an artist and maker located in lovely northern Vermont. She has spent over a decade creating and designing beautiful handmade items and artwork.  Kim founded Whimberly in 2022 to fulfill her vision of providing high quality, unique, and consciously sourced products for all to enjoy. 

"My goal is that anything you buy from my store is produced in an ethical, eco-friendly, and socially conscious way. I work hard to reduce my environmental impact, and my hope is that together, we can change our thought patterns when it comes to considering the entire product lifecycle. As far as my artwork... I would call it fun and eclectic. I love to capture the beauty in animals and nature, while adding some whimsical fun and pops of my own unique style.

Kimberly Riani

Founder and Owner - Whimberly

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